8 Pictures of skies you’ve ever seen, the # 2 and # 5, stunning

Here you will see 8 photos of skies that will leave you stunned at how beautiful they are. Some will give you a little scary. But its beauty is incredible.

Passing by Australia, Colombia, USA, Kenya, all these countries have landscapes that are worth seeing once in your life. The northern lights are a good example of these beautiful photos. So are the thunderstorms that many people love, but others give them a horrible fear.

In any case, credit the photographer is very important because it can be just moments that are needed to lose a good snapshot as crucial to take a photo moments can last only seconds.

Solar eclipses are also great moments to contemplate the beauty of nature. But we can not leave the ink lunar eclipses as they are spectacular too.

Without more, we leave these 8 photos we hope you like them in the same way as we have also liked.

1. Lost Souls por Julie Fletcher (Australia)


This photo was taken in South Australia. The Milky Way is in the part of the left. Lake Eyre

2. El Cabo de la Vela, en Colombia, por Mariela Ibarra


Colombia area with landscapes and sunsets movie.

3. Eclipse híbrido de sol por Eugen Kamenew (Kenia)


This photograph is made in Kenya in a unique solar eclipse.

4. Thunderstorm in Greek island of Ikaria


70 rays in unison, incredible, right? This photo was taken with a Canon 550D

5. Aurora Glacier Lagoon by James Woodend (Iceland)


An amazing photo of the largest glacier in Iceland, Vatnajökull

6. And if walking down the street, do you happen?


Several rays strike power lines and create this amazing effect, to scare passers

7. Sometimes the city of San Francisco (USA) can give images like this


In San Francisco, USA, can be as dense fog that obscures or so if you want the Golden Gate.

8. Solar eclipse in Pormpuraaw, Australia, (Geoff Sims)


A solar eclipse will always attract attention, but this, taken in Pormpuraaw, Queensland, Australia, left us impressed

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