7 types of women destined to be single

Discover these seven personalities that scare men. Be amazed by the curious classification of the types of women, designed to be single. And find out if any of these behaviors you identify yourself in your relationships. You’ll be amazed !!.

They say that everyone has a perfect life, but in many cases, there are attitudes of women that generate almost universal rejection of all men. And there are situations that nobody is willing to endure. So we show these types of women who willingly or unwillingly, are staying alone.

Keep in mind that nobody is perfect. And that in a matter of women, there will always be details that are not going to like. Women are more sensitive and emotional, well we tend to draw the attention of different ways (pleasant or not), but we also have incredible for a man who decides to commit to this stuff. However, in this case, we speak of such women in each extreme attitude that alienates any of his life.

So let’s start with these seven personalities and tell us ¿know any more ??

1. The Unbearable excess:


We talked about the woman who can not live with herself, it is this kind of person who wakes up from that fall back to sleep is totally irritable. Therefore, try not to drown in his own annoyance and has to disturb the rest of humanity. After a description horrible ¿You give dating a person so ??.

2. The excess delivered to the destination:


This type of woman in the background, talking about the person who loves living fleeing responsibilities. It puts everything in the hands of fate and never assume their responsibilities to what is happening in their world. We talked about the kind of woman who uses phrases like “Not for me,” “fate will bring someone else”, “We were not meant to be together.” And as well, there are things that are left to chance, but others are the result of decisions ¿not you think ??

3. The independent feminist or excess:


It’s the kind of woman who believes she can do it all alone in life. This woman lives directly or indirectly everybody away, because one wants to show that she can do it all. In some cases it tends to be arrogant and it is difficult to achieve engage in a serious and committed relationship with someone because they feel that they are restricting.

4. The excessively negative and pessimistic:


This category is too obvious in itself. We talked about this woman every time he sees the bad side of things I despair !! You are very ugly think you’re going to be with a person next to you all the time reneging on life and you paste your negative energy. It’s the kind of woman wearing either and therefore is bound to be single.

5. The positive excess:


“Not much to burn the saint, or some do not shine.” Yes, walking is bad and the negative, it is also very exhausting walk with an excessively happy. Such women tend to be too cloying and not credible. And although we know it’s great to have attitude to life and the things that happen, it is not good to hide the fact that bad things happen too. There are times to be sad too.

6. excessively bossy:


Very true that women have delusions of mom, the chip comes in many women, but there is a point that must not be crossed. Nazi or bossy woman is who needs his boyfriend or partner controlled all the time, is jealous, call all the time, and worse, send him to dress, behave and do things the way she wants. We do not deny that there are masochistic men like such women, but how could they live all your life with a person who send for all ??

7. Unsafe excess:


All women handle a degree of uncertainty because all feel they must improve in different aspects and to some extent it is beneficial. But anything more complicated than trying to deal with an insecure woman. This type of women can not give them a compliment because they start with the typical: “That’s not true” or “do not say those things.” If you wanted to camouflage with modesty, it is really insecure. So anyone who wants to be with a woman who is unable to be assessed herself. Not beautiful love someone who disparages all the time. This type of woman in particular, I tend to always leave as a friend.

Well, this is our little classification of women who are intended to be single ¿Any more coming into this list ??. We hope all the advice that our single friends to change that attitude.