7 Tricks to Forget your Ex

7 Tricks shows you with which you can overcome this former partner, and find the easiest and least painful to forget and let go of that person in your life style.

True, today we in a world of love and give love move, all the time we see couples who initiate relationships and other fine instead end up being torture. And after overcoming that part and put an end to the relationship. How do we move forward, if we still want that person ??

Well, although there is no secret and guaranteed for such situations formula, we all know the background to do. A little patience, some new activities among other things, will help you overcome your ex the best way to close this cycle and keep it as a souvenir. Today, we want to show what we are 7 ways to cheat to beat your ex.

With them, you’ll gradually letting go of that person in your life and continue the search for true love. So, here goes:

1. Time mourning


Many people try to time to end someone who wanted a lot, get someone else to “replace” or, failing that, the pain that will swallow up emergency exit signs. And none of these two positions is healthy. We must let the pain and nostalgia that generates this kind of situation, but put on a time limit, roughly one week. Do not go to give more time to pain by a single break. No one has died !!

2. You don´t think more.


It is a common trend in women than in men, but occurs on both sides. Do not try to find out why things got out of control and took them to finish, or try to decipher the brain of your ex partner to discover in that judgment that person or you failed you. Things just ended and we must admit it and accept it.

3. Disappear the past


We all love gifts and small details with our partners. But when you get when you miss your ex too much and live in the past through these gifts, you better get them out of circulation. Do not burn everything in a moment of anger, but simply get rid of the things that make you remember your ex as a cleaning process.

4. Eliminates any contact


Although for some people, this advice may be somewhat immature. In many cases it is the best solution you can find. The contact with the former is usually very harmful, especially if the break is recent, since the desire to see what he does and what he says in social networks or call are a constant temptation. If it hurts a lot to have ended with that person, the best solution is to push him away so much of your life as your virtual real life until the emotional landscape will change in you. And do not worry about what the other person says to look out of your social networks, after all, what matters is your peace.

5. You don´t compare


This tip is for people who have completed other because of infidelity. You gain nothing by comparing yourself with the person that you left, that has never shown anything from you, just show your partner and the decisions or choices you want for your life. You are neither better nor worse than the other person, so do not give importance and do not compare.

6. Do not feed hatred


Not to poison you with the idea that that person is gone. And all the damage they may have caused you a couple different situations. This is the time to focus on yourself and not your ex, because the longer part of the past. You gain nothing by keeping so much bitterness, because in any case, this person is not to be bitter that you’re wrong.

7. Try to distract


That gives advice worldwide and is really good. The more you have the busy head, the less time remains for the ghost of your ex to cross for your thoughts, you have many people around you so take advantage and come out, meet new people and undertake new projects. Between one thing and another, you’ll see that gradually stop hurting his absence and soon will have passed.