6 typical Jokes in Colombia

In Colombia, the land of flavor and joy occasionally can bump into some jokes with friends or children, always enjoy. Do not think badly of the matter, this is just a fun time for both to make jokes, and those who fall into it, since it makes out of the routine a bit and laugh at yourself in certain cases.

Today, we want to show these typical jokes or pranks that take place in Colombia, so you’re more careful and not get to fall into any of them, or just learn another bit of that culture that characterizes the Colombian, happy and mischievous.

We do not agree with excess jokes and much less with the bullying, since the intention of these jokes is not to denigrate anyone, but simply laugh at everyday things of life. Never there to hurt the self-esteem of people. And if you want to laugh and remember those jokes realizabas child possibly with friends on the block or at school. Or the inevitable primiparadas college, we leave six typical jokes in Colombia.

1. Ringing in the homes and run


This game is a classic when you went by your friends down the street. When you unless you gave it, someone had stamped and everyone had to run like a soul by the devil. All to avoid a scolding from any major who had to go to open and view it was just a joke of a child. This joke has been so extreme, that on occasion, when the lights went out, the neighborhood kids put gum on the buzzer. Imagine the time when the light back, a whole concert in more than 15 houses.

2 Funny Bag


This joke is typical at colleges and universities, and is what has come to upset more than one. In this case, a friend take your suitcase when you’re careless, takes all your stuff, turn the lining of the suitcase and returned to accommodate all where it was. A whole pie! That if, if you give them more time, they turn to the holster.

3. Signboards back


A joke that we brought from different TV series and now in the schools is more common than before. Just pranksters are responsible for placing a sign on the back of someone with a funny phrase.

4. Phone Calls


This joke usually do to pay penance with friends. Call down any house and wondering things like: Is that where washed clothes ?? Waiting you answer no, and you answer That dirty !! Although this joke could go wrong at any time and be your victim instead of the joker.

5. What do you have there ??


This joke is very common and that can be done at any time or place and it’s really frustrating. You simply encargas to tell someone you have there, as you point your chest, they inevitably drop their head and go up your finger across the face saying boo. It is very irritating but funny.

6. Joke first day of school


This term is well known to the college and new students. Being new, you always run the risk of “primiparadas” or jokes that make the old to new. You may be looking for you to lose a salon or paste a bill to the floor, looking who is the first to get stuck trying to lift others.