5 Best and Funniest Celebrity`s Falls

We show you the best falls of these celebrities who have brought the world to laugh at their special moments and remember from time to time, that they also happen to them such accidents as any other human being.

Thus, often celebrities are so acclaimed that they seem to be just perfect. But sometimes, these blows of reality allow us to see that they are people like all of us and who also suffer from accidents on the street, working in various social events and even concerts.

We understand that it is much harder for them such accidents, since all the time are being chased by the cameras to record any errors that may come to commit. But not most, have some fun with these unusual falls that have gone around the world.

We present below the 5 best of the famous falls and we invite you to laugh and tell us what we do shameful times have you dropped your ??

1. Lady Gaga


This famous singer, known worldwide, has had many such accidents can be for their outlandish clothes or their choreography difficult to achieve. Just we show them here a compilation of the Top 10 Lady Gaga Falls and one of the most talked about celebrity in the news. His fall from the airport. Enjoy.


2. Jennifer Lawrence


This renowned actress, famous for her participation in the trilogy The Hunger Games. He became much more famous at the time of his fall. The darling of Hollywood had a little accident with his heels at the time just going up to receive the Oscar for best performance. ¿Know Nerves or not use this type of shoe ?? We do not know, So you judge.


3. Beyonce


This singer has also had its setbacks, this time we show the drop happened on a concert held in Orlando, Florida, although professionally she continued with the show, as if nothing had happened.

4 Scarlet Johannson


This fabulous actress suffered its small fall in time to record the movie Runaway. We can see that the blow struck the actress was very hard, but caused quite gracefully between the saw and had such bad luck that this scene was recorded and published on social networks. That horror!



5 Lindsay Lohan


This actress was photographed when falling at the entrance to a prestigious film festival. By having such a bad reputation, people began to comment that was soggy and drinks that had fallen. She then went on to clarify that had just been a little trip and nothing else. Poor performers.