23 Curious and Funny Pictures of Google Street View

Since technology and web 2.0 has invaded the world, Google has been a must for anyone who wants to have contact with the Internet reference. After creating the largest meta-search engine and more powerful in the world, they have been dedicated to providing other services (free or not), which remain equally useful to all users.

And it is that talking about google products, among others must name the translator of google, google books, gmail, google plus and pioneers google adwords advertising and google adsense. So thanks to this company, the world has turned around 180 degrees with respect to the information. And if we are talking about services that make turns of 180 and 360 degrees, we have a great street view google maps and google.

That is, the searcher surprised us with his big campaign around the world, taking pictures of all possible and place them through map sites, which can walk anywhere you want and to top it off, shows you live what it is there. So now, you’ll always know where to go and how it looks.

These pictures also have given useful information, experience left as curiosities that have been getting around the path, all google cameras rolling on the world and of course, should take some curious photos which have remained in the memory of more than one.

Well today we will show these 23 strange and funny pictures of Google Street View and Google Maps so you surprised with all that can happen worldwide.

1. Beijing Railway Station, China


This architectural piece is simply beautiful, and the people who have the opportunity to travel on this service is just amazing, what I hope never went to see this play from the sky and formed the curious figure of a cat’s eye, and and it is known today.

2. Bat signal.


Batman !! Gentlemen, we have found the Batcave .. or something. According to the US military newspaper, batman symbol is pointing Kadena base 44 fighter squadron of the US Air Force in Japan, specifically the island of Okinawa.

3. E.t.  Are you?


We have no very clear why this family of ET walking wandering the earth, all we know is that this young friend was taken by Google cameras sitting in a chair in the sun. Not curious?

4. Baby Crawls Crawls.


This baby is bored of seeing the gucci clothes and decided to go for a walk without his careless mother realized ¿Can you believe it ??. And there were our friends google to record and remind parents that their children can be lost at any time.

5. Horse disguised


This Scottish decided to go out and make your horse mask, apparently very normal. Google was there at the time that this man (or so we assume) came out disguised home and has now etched forever in the databases.

6. Ovnis


Relax, do not panic. This UFO was part of an art exhibition that appeared in that place. It is clear to say that as the UFO is not only is the picture for posterity.

7. Ship


Google achievement portray and show this curious boat, where they can see and wear the years has led to that state, and soon may not be.

8. I love you


What a beautiful statement ¿not believe ??. Well this is another famous and recognized photos that have remained in the memory of all Internet google street view. So what if Who would not fall in something ??

9. Double


Coincidences of calle.   Do not you think so?

10. Lips


Another coincidence of nature that has been registered in google street view

11. Swastika


We present the naval base in America, not ironic?

12. Auch


This girl is in history as the first drop in google street view.

13. And I came in December


This santa, decided to start early and deliver gifts on a motorcycle. ¿What fun right ??

14. Black smoke


Black smoke or a strange figure effect of an optical illusion, although we have not very clear.

15. Ovnis Part 2


Image discovered in the forests of Maharashtra.

16. Promotion KFC


This image was made in 2006 as part of an advertising campaign KFC and was registered in the chambers of google maps.

17. Aircraft rainbow


This optical effect was recorded in google maps cameras when moving this plane, incredible not?

18. Star of 5 peaks


Star of 5 spikes found in Kazakhstan.

19. Prisoner running


Google cameras caught this man out of prison. simply incredible.

2o. Firefox


The symbol of firefox I stuck in the databases of google maps, rather ironic do not you think?

21. Love love…


Different natural forms designed in the form of heart, quite romantic.

22. Idiot


In New Zealand, in this barren courtyard, you will find the written word idiot to google maps.

23. Symbols


More strange symbols found on google maps.