11 films and series with special effects Before-After (Part 2)

Surprise yourself with these 11 films and series with special effects.We have pictures of before and after!Enjoy this second part we have brought for you!

Cinema and television are two of the best entertainments that we have. Many of his productions are fantastic, especially when concentrate all their efforts on making work editing and special effects as impeccable.

Thanks to this lead us to travel back in time, they make us dream of every scene and presenting the speech of his characters.What is important is that they know do this job for producers to gain public credibility!

Here we present the best examples of this that you’re talking about, and we have no doubt you’ll agree with us, enjoy!

We give back time with Godzilla


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Of course, since we could say that is a classic, but we can not deny that it was great the way we did with this huge beast terrorizing. And you know what was the best?It was a product of the computer!


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Mad Max Fury Road, worthy of this list


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It was ranked as the best film of the year. And of course, if the effects are there, along with his band sound and clothing, they are simply spectacular! If you have not seen, do not wait to see it!


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Game of Thrones could not miss


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Yes, we are fans of this series. Its effects and animations are so amazing, that would give what was to travel in time and live the time that there recreated so perfectly! The trick is great dragon.


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The Chronicles of Narnia, simply fabulous!


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What all you do to give much credence to the film? His characters are fantastic, yes, but the special effects are definitely unique!


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And…  300?


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These epic wars, spaces and stages, did not mean that this film was recorded thousand years ago.What I wanted to tell us was that the effects everything is possible!


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Maze Runner is not far behind


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If you thought the seasoned players really crossed these dangerous walls that almost finished with their lives, you are very wrong: it was all thanks to the wonderful technology!


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The superpowers in X-Men


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No, not the protagonists had to have supernatural abilities to pass the casting, because with the help of the computer and the magnificent effects, even the air could become fire.


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And the effects also said: Superman flies!


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What do you think of this scene the new Superman?We believe it is more than amazing!Raise your hand if you also want to take a picture or a video flying out!


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Iron Man left us with open mouth!


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Having the full body of steel and impact millions of viewers, it is also possible with the help of special effects. Or they tell the protagonist of this film …


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The magic of Robocop


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With just see the before and after of this picture, you’ll understand well what they are magical special effects and editing programs. What fun it would be to learn to use them, do not you think?


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We ended with Man from U.N.C.L.E


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Look at this pair of images: surprising agility to move from ruins to more elaborate buildings and vice versa, right?Amazing how you can change all thanks to technology and editing programs!


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