The 17 most original houses of the world

If you like interior design and home remodeling, you’ll love this article. We show the 17 most original houses of the world, of which you will find both internal ideas, and external to decorate your home or else you prefer.

The art is expressed anywhere, and better do it in your own home. These houses around the world have highlighted since they have managed to show part of his style in decorating these homes, both buildings and houses. And always show the funny side to put some more effort and dedication to creating and decorating your home.

Now there are things that we would not dare to do, and of course, in some cities there are certain parameters when it comes to decorating their homes. But what better idea to let your imagination and decorate your home or else you prefer. While you more design ideas happen, we leave the 17 most original houses of the world.

This style of building brings Wing memory, the typical game of bricks with which we built models ¿No ??


This external office is great and allows us to keep in touch with nature while you work.


This garden allows you to experience all the imagination of children. Through the colors of the garden.


This bathroom displays an empty feeling, LOL everything to achieve relaxed.


What catches our attention of this house is the plumbing system to send things to your neighbors. Amazing is not it?


This house is stylish, and all the stained glass effect gives a great light to the room.


A very natural and ecological design for all its inhabitants, even just a building.


A very naturally and ecological design for all its inhabitants, even just a building.


The beauty of this home is that it shows very hot, although his background is white, and gives a very natural effect.


For all those who love to ride a skateboard, this home would be ideal. Beyond, you’ll live all the time filming in your home without breaking anything.


Amazing design of buildings in the middle of this development, you can always add more color


And who he said that households should be only human. Look at this line designed for cats that always managed to live an adventure.


Another style design in homes. You can see the excellent combination of colors in the house, which cheers all who pass by.


Although the image a little dizzy, you can see the design of stairs and how to keep all kinds of literature. Easy and inexpensive.


And who better than the rainbow design for the front of your house. Here the beauty that can be seen is shown.


And if you want to add something of nature in your apartment, this solution is ideal.


And if you want to hide all these things better than under the stairs.