15 real and funny names

Meet and discover these 15 real names very strange and humorous, that will make you not thank your parents for the name they gave you, and you do not have to lug around some of these creative names.

The name is the verbal designation is given to a person to identify and distinguish it from other people, is a reference given by our parents or caregivers of us to identify ourselves to society. And to make you part of the community to which you belong by birth sign.

But what happens when parents decide to leave the everyday life of the period in question names, preferring to get names of objects, among other famous people? Well, you will enter this curious list of 15 real names very strange and funny. These people, denote when presented in society.

And it is, to whom would like to be called Adolf Hitler at this time? Meet these people, thank you by name and have fun with these people already taking humorously having such an original name.

This driver was on TV by name and that ¿4 names, all so strange ?


And we have a movie name, his parents called him the world’s most famous secret agent.


And speaking of the era of technology that took everything, even the names


An Ecuadorian named Adolf Hitler. What parents would put his son as well?


Music and space travel was a favorite pastime of parents You notice?


It would be fun to see this girl in Disneyland, Do not you think ??


And with all the dedication to the navy of the United States.Y con toda la dedicatoria para la marina de los Estados unidos.


We have another celebrity in Perú



And we have another secret agent in Peru


Sometimes I think that some Chileans have put something original names


3 Names very very funny.


Maybe He likes Christmas


Music with the rock style


The classic name.  Al Power


A super hero!