13 amazing tricks cleaning that you don´t know

Meet and surprised with these 13 amazing tricks cleaning and you may not know them all into practice to improve the toilet you do in your home and do it more efficiently and practice.

The toilet is a critical part for all of us, as we always love to live in a healthy and free of bacteria or other microorganisms that can be generated in our home environment, but it is not always easy. In many cases, these are impossible to remove stains or places simply inaccessible to us. Therefore, we want to show these 13 amazing tricks cleaning you might not know and they can help you a lot in your home.

  1. You can hang the bottles of cleaning products on the shelf with a rod, to sort all your grooming box


2. The best way that your clothes are well accommodated in drawers is bend horizontally.


3. The keyboard can be cleaned with toothbrushes or swabs, this would remove the dirt between the keys.


4. The watermarks can be easily removed with half a lemon.


5. If you have problems to collect water in buckets, perhaps this could be an excellent choice. You only need your dustpan.


6. Pants spots can be removed with a razor blade and leave as new.


7. Las alfombras se pueden limpiar más fácil con la ayuda del limpia parabrisas del auto.


8. The best way is to fold the sheets. You can save space and be much more comfortable to hold.


9. Pans or kettles can be cleaned easier with sea salt or coarse salt.


10. Coffee filters are very effective in cleaning screens such as TVs.


11. The window grilles can be removed with a little vinegar.


12. To reach high places, can place a moored at the end of the broom rag, will be infallible with unattainable sides.


13. Place all your winter clothes wide or in a vacuum bag, this will help you save space.