11 very curious Inventions

Look these curious inventions that will make you lose your mind and discover, as far as can the originality and creativity of the human being towards the development and evolution of a very imaginative way with these inventions.

From credit cards to textbooks can be modified to create large and practical things, which ultimately may prove that all the elements can become reused beyond their original function. And you will see that all these objects that do not use, can be reused and create art or new objects, changing the concept of the same.

Or you can also find new items in which you can create several things at the same time, and thus streamline the various activities of the day. All this, thanks to the originality of people who have seen beyond everyday objects and has become unique and even in some cases collection objects.

Would you like to take any of these items? Tell us!! Meanwhile, here we leave you these 11 very curious inventions.

1. Pullout


Esta cama, viene incorporada con el mueble, será genial para ahorrarte tiempo a la hora de  tender y arreglar tanto sabanas como el cubrelecho.

2. Whiskey dispenser


With this curious whiskey dispenser, you can drink all the alcohol you want. That if, in moderation.

3. Dispenser gas


A machine is required to have a soda dispenser. Basically, you’ll find that with a small plastic element may serve dispenser. Easy, fast and very homely.

4 Moto futurista


We know that is not as futuristic as we have seen in several film productions. Still, it is surprising this bike with all the style of Batman or robocoop ‘on the streets Do not you think ??

5. Picks up


Here it is where you can use your debit and credit a very useful and curious way. With cards you can make various plastic items such as these uñetas to play guitar. Very musical.

6. Furniture books


In this way, you can reuse your book to design new things, in this case, you can make different furniture with these texts. Excellent and very creative.

7 Portable Pillow


For all who like to sleep anywhere, this pad is ideal. With this pillow you will find the comfort and the dark you need to sleep at any time.

8. Portable Grill


This grill allows you to cook your favorite dishes and stored as unobtrusively as possible. Never again will encartará with these grills. Fast and easy

9. Oven all in one


In this oven all in one, you can make coffee, fry eggs and sausage and toast bread also. All in one machine. For all people who have almost no time, this will be great.

10 Keypad anywhere


This device allows you to have a wireless keyboard to any computer or tablet. Only require a smooth surface to start writing.

11. Sphaerus scanner


With this pen, you can scan the color you want to use, and instantly recognizable pen color and loaded with the ink you want to start writing or drawing. Very original.