11 most dangerous and extreme selfies

There say that there is nothing more deadly than a selfie. Do you already know what are the 11 most dangerous and terrifying Internet? You should see this article.

Nothing to do! This is fashion and none of us can deny that we have fallen into his trap. But … is it enough to endanger our own lives? Yes, it’s fun to get a selfie achieve in an unusual situation. And surely it would feel itself if it landed on one of the social networks, but this should not be more valuable than our security.

Pay attention to the more virus that have been circulating for the past few months and tell us if any dare you do, what was the most dangerous for you, and what was the most caught your eye. Because yes, the cool can not miss on this list! (Although in truth, almost all are).



Tomada de: muyvirales.com

When they did thought when they decided to take this photo? Could it be that they are not crossed my mind that at any moment could fall by trying to look radiant for his feat?What a shock!

Fainting in 3, 2, 1…


Tomada de: Culturacolectiva.com

We don’t have any idea how they managed to climb up to this point. But what we are certain, is that you have a lot of guts to risk their lives in this way to be a feeling in the media.

Now that’s pure adrenaline!


Tomada de: batanga.com

Surely you feel very cool and live a moment to photograph it. In fact it gives us envy the good that he has achieved a complete success, but … What was it that he felt dizzy and scares that took to equulibrar your flight?

Just a click of the viral


Tomada de: crhoy.com

This guy, besides being trying to shoot from a skyscraper, must deal with the harsh cold, as in the image, the weather is not that he was working a lot …

Accomplices up to pose!


Tomada de: culturacolectiva.com

Daring and adventurous: so is this trio of friends he left behind any feelings of fear, to get a great picture to the brink.Sure they have an enviable balance!

“Swallow me, but after photo” …


Tomada de: exponoticias.com

This was what seemed to be saying is subject to horrific shark. What may be a few meters of this marine animal and instead of running more concerned about taking a picture for social networking? All I hope is that he has been alive after this …

An Inconvenient and dangerous selfie


Tomada de: hispantv.com

The truth is even painful. It had not get hurt by taking a good photo from a building so high? We hope not.

Sexy and fun


Tomada de: muyvirales.com

We hope that all bones have been perfect after capture this time. Already you imagine how it could have been the impact of this young man with water? Anyway, the picture came out sexy and fun.

Well, he took it with more positivity!


Tomada de: batanga.com

If you crash into the sea, what it is the first thing you do to save your life? ¿Take it one selfie or ask for help from anyone nearby you see? Apparently the character photo went with the first option, but who knows, you might just have been photographed for an alert message to your contacts …

From Brazil with love


Tomada de: muyvirales.com

And it shows that it was made with love and enthusiasm! Because undoubtedly he takes out beautiful and inspiring. We can see that sported removing it, but well, the adrenaline also brings us many giggles, right?

Beautiful landscape


Tomada de: culturacolectiva.com

We can’t deny it!  The backdrop came out perfect. Even better if your emotional health remained intact after enduring several minutes of vertigo and nerves to achieve take this beautiful photograph.