11 images showing Parenting is the most hard job

Laugh and discover these 11 images that show how hard and difficult it is to be parents and all the antics that children can do at different stages of growth of life.

It is surprising and inevitable some of the antics that can make children his age, everyone always have a pretty restless imagination you can show different things if you leave items on hand, such as crayons, paint, or your cell phone.

Have fun with these creative images, if you’re a parent, you remember some mischief done by your children, if you’re not. It’s time to admit that parents are about superheroes who achieve amazing things raising their children and they will outlive their amazing adventures.

Let’s have fun with the antics of the children and smile with these 11 images that show and prove how tough parenting.


1. Crayons, oh beautiful crayons


2. With a little blue ink, you can do whatever you want.


3. Can you imagine having to remove it later?


4. I thought I could leave the swabs on the stairs and thrown away after my son’s nap !! You thought wrong.


5. And a good nap after so much fun.


6. They just wanted to clean the keyboard in the most practical way possible.


7. And behold a father defeated after a hard day’s games.


7 And behold a father defeated after a hard day’s games….


9. Blue and Blue!


10. The powders can be used on all sides, on all sides !!


11. Let’s sleep wise. lol yeah.