10 Things You understand if you’re the older brother.

You know and laugh with these 10 facts you’ll understand if you’re the big brother in your family and share it to all your friends and your brothers understand that they’ve gone through to be the elder brother.

The brothers are relatives of consanguinity that in most cultures tend to live his childhood and part of adolescence together, therefore, tend to live family situations that teaches and is part of his personality and character.

Even if we try to avoid, always depending on your brothers most outstanding advantage or birth position is classified. In this case, it is said that younger siblings are more spoiled, middle siblings are the most friendly, and that older siblings are more responsible. Although this can not be said that it is a rule, since in each case and each home, the situation is very particular.

We all have brothers, either by blood or half siblings or adopted siblings and even our own friends, that we come to consider brothers. All these people, they become unconditional support to cope with different situations in life and teach you resolve situations in a unique way. And you will experience for life as a beautiful memory.

Today we are left with older siblings and 12 things that only understand if you make this group

So let’s start:

1. You must be an example for your brothers: “You have to behave yourself”


2. You Free babysitter or nanny in your brother immediately born.


3. At some point, you had to take your brother or sister on a date.


4. Any bad thing that makes her younger brother is your fault because they probably learned from you.


5. Your privacy is lost when your brother learned to walk. Always live in your room.


6. If you have your license to drive, do not become more mature, you become a driver for your brother or sister.


7. You could talk to your younger brother during the day every day, but as soon as you say rude, your whole family is mad at you.



8. When you want a pet, all responsibility was exclusively yours. When your younger brother wanted a pet, it was the responsibility of the family and everyone pitched in equal parts.



9. If you two never agreed to keep something secret, probably took about 13 minutes until they went and told his mom


10. If you shouted at his younger brother who was being too bossy, but if you let them do something they are not allowed to do so, were being irresponsible.