10 Hidden Mickeys in Disney Animated Movies

Laugh and be surprised with these curious “spot” that made those responsible for placing Disney animation within these 10 films to the main doll and this huge company logo animation and entertainment.

It is a custom and tradition of Disney and Pixar animators put parts of a movie in others. Through images and small scenes inside they may not be the first time you see her. but then when you can get to analyze frame by frame and discover those little “hidden eggs” as they call Americans among the most popular children’s films.

Discover that within worlds of princesses, mermaids among others, you’ll find the most beloved animation history mouse. This shows that despite the years pass, Disney will always have secrets and hidden stories that show us all. Let’s be big or small.


1. Hercules will see the shape of the face and two ears of Mickey.


2. In classic Bernard and Bianca, you’ll see our little mouse in the clock.


3. Where to find the face of Mickey Lilo and Stich? For in the fruit.


4. In the Demolition Ralph, there’s always room to see Disney.


5. And in the wonderful world of Goofy, Mickey made a special appearance.


6. Apparently our friends come up to the seabed. Well, Ariel’s dad are goofy, Donald and Mickey.


7. And our little logo also appears in the famous film by the “Hakuna Matata”.


8. And you see, it’s not only classic films. Frozen our princess has to stuffed to … Mickey Mouse.


9. And more ears in the film Snow White. Very tender ¿No ??


10 Cinderella fit into the most famous face of Disney.